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Stan Sorscher   11/14/15

A generation of voters and activists ... could see themselves and their interests reflected in the Paris climate agreement.

TPP was negotiated in secret, excluding voices from civil society. TPP lowers trust in globalization, rather than building it.


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In Washington State, the CWA has over 3200 members. We have several concerns with the TPP that is before Congress now.



  1. No protection from outsourcing jobs that exploit cheaper labor. I represent over 700 AT&T Mobility Call Center employees in the greater Seattle area. This is down over 500 since NAFTA. We have seen other call centers (T-Mobile for one) pull out of the United States, to reap the benefits of lower labor costs. When any job is widely outsourced, it drives the wages down in the US. This will create a downward spiral for the American Family.
  2. Congress would be restricted from stimulating the US economy. There could no longer be stipulations in Government Contracts giving US based suppliers an edge. Gone would also be any “Buy American” or even “Buy Local” campaigns. Our small businesses, the back bone of the economy would lose the “Small Business Saturday” campaigns that many local Chambers of Commerce use.
  3. There is no enforceable labor standards. There is some language but no means to enforce it…just like NAFTA
  4. In the US we enjoy a high standard for product safety. Our standards would be lowered to meet the level set by the participating countries. Our efforts, for limiting lead exposure, toxic chemicals in agriculture and GMO Salmon would all be at risk.

Trade is important to Washington State, but it is Fair Trade that we need. We need to protect the American Family, not the return on investment of Wall Street.

I look forward to discussing this and other Labor Issues with the Senator in June.

In Solidarity,

Michael Schendel


CWA 37083- Washtech

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